The delicatessen street

The delicatessen street

The very first store on Beethovenstraat was a wine store. Need we say more. It soon became clear that this street became the delicacy street in Amsterdam. The good news is: it still is!

The Beethoven

Beethovenstraat was known as the place to be for superior steaks, chic wines and delicacies from all over the world. Local newspaper Het Parool wrote in 1970 that ‘nowhere in Amsterdam or the Netherlands is such a large amount of exclusive food stored as in De Beethoven’. Over the years, many types of stores have opened up. Clothing, beauty products, flower shops. Everything you can expect in a major shopping street. But you still can find delicatessen here.

New hotspots

In fact, a striking number of nice delicatessen shops have been added recently. Such as Le Petit Box, Rolling Sushi, Tiramisu Café and The Poké Shack. Several nice restaurants and bars have also opened their doors in recent years. And icons such as Huize van Wely and Hergo are still standing tall. From all over Amsterdam people come to the street to get their bottle of olive oil, their cheese, their artisan bread and their home-made pastries. We can say that the Beethoven still is the delicacy street in Amsterdam.