The shopping destination for the holidays

The shopping destination for the holidays

The Beethoven has it all

De Beethovenstraat is the shopping destination for the holidays.

“Why go to London, Cologne or the Bijenkorf for your Christmas shopping when you can find everything here?” says Ruud Strootman of the BIZ Beethovenstraat. ‘We see more and more that Dutch people book a hotel in Amsterdam South, to go shopping, eat and enjoy the architecture here. Here you have more space, service and beautiful shops and restaurants. Because nowadays, shopping also includes a cup of coffee and a glass of bubbly. Fortunately, many nice things have been added in recent years. The street has never been so lively.”

Almost 100 years

The Beethovenstraat has been around for almost 100 years. Once conceived as a residential street, but when the part of Plan Zuid to turn Minervalaan into a shopping boulevard did not work, Beethovenstraat unintentionally took over this role. Good food has always played an important role in the street. The first shop in 1928 was a wine merchant, which is still there today: B.J. de Logie, but you could also come here for good steaks and delicacies from all over the world. Over the years, the street grew into a shopping street with national allure, with fashion and beauty. Delicatessen are still there, but now also many catering establishments. From a hip place like Rollingsushi to a classic Italian like Ferilli’s or refined funky dining restaurant Vanderveen and the hotspot Bar Kaspar.


“When you walk through Beethovenstraat, you notice that people sit here all day long, having breakfast, lunch, and drinks,” says street manager Charlie Hoge. A mix of visitors and residents. Shopping has of course changed a lot in recent years. If you need something, you can quickly order it online these days, but when you go to a store, you really want to make a trip out of it. An experience. With a nice brunch or a drink. The Beethovenstraat has always been a very international street. Many expats live there who, even if they have moved again, still come back to the Beethovenstraat for their favorite fashion store or jeweler. Fortunately, the street also has an important neighborhood function. Local residents can also come here for fresh fish, bread, a cup of coffee and their daily shopping.’