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The Butcher with a Chef’s Hat

Mr Canter, a sausage maker from German origin, started his butcher’s business in Amsterdam in 1930. Many of his typically German sausage specialities were real novelties to the Dutch public. Mrs Canter came from an Amsterdam butcher’s family. She had already been used to the Jewish community in Amsterdam’s special wishes from a young age. This is why there was plenty of interest in their beef specialities right from the very start. A separate production company for the sausages was soon set up. The quality of the veal liver sausage, the hunting sausage, hausmacher, ox sausage and pickled meat produced there resulted in the creation of the current butcher’s chain. There are currently four butchers in Amsterdam Zuid and Amstelveen under the name Hergo ‘The Butcher with a Chef’s Hat’. These butchers are an absolute household name in the area and beyond. The Butchers have a full and contemporary range with meat, meat products, salads, meals and delicious sandwiches.

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