Architecture walk

Architecture walk

Discover the Beethovenstraat

Have you ever noticed that there are great buildings in and around the Beethovenstraat? The street was part of Plan Zuid, the expansion plan of Berlage and the Beethovenstraat is surrounded by architecture of the Amsterdam School.

Audio tour

The Amsterdam School is a style of architecture, to be placed in the period 1910-1930, including the style, the New Building and Expressionism. The Amsterdam School is characterised by the use of expressive and fantastic forms. Do you want to hear everything about the beautiful buildings and this style of construction? Then take an audio tour. Listen to this free tour via your own phone. It will tell you all about the main buildings of Beethovenstraat, Prinses Irenestraat and Apollolaan. The guided tour takes about two hours. Afterwards you can enjoy a cup of coffee or a glass of wine at one of the great bars or restaurants in the Beethovenstraat.


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Images: Stadsarchief