Fashion trends winter 20/21

Fashion trends winter 20/21

Harsh winter

This fashion season features many romantic influences full of frills and ruffles. Fairytale, dramatic, vintage and a mix of sober and luxury. The dress is back, we see striking belts and diamond patterns. It is also going to be a harsh winter: fetish, latex, leather and sturdy boots with maxi soles.


Not only do we see intermediate forms between men’s and women’s clothing, but also multifunctional looks that can be adapted to the occasion and season.


Superheroes wear a cape and they will fly around us en masse this winter. In anorak shape, with sleeves, necked down or oversized.


Fringe at the top! The fringes are reflected in the fashion image in all sizes, shapes and colors. A frivolous edge to the otherwise quite serious fashion season.

Fur & fauna

Animals will take over our wardrobe. After all the flower and plant overkill, it is now time for the animal kingdom with prints and a lot of (fake) fur.


Latex leggings, PVC suits or rather (vegan) leather? It sounds rough, but in the right dosage and color scheme it is super fashionable.


A literal patchwork of different styles, trends and influences, partly reused, because fashion is becoming more and more sustainable. And get used to diamond patterns.

Rich fabrics

Fast fashion items can be thrown in the waste bin, because we opt for quality and rich fabrics with a story, such as brocade, jacquard and velvet.

Pictures: Pauw & BeOne