The ancient craft is back

The ancient craft is back

Made with passion

Our interest in ancient crafts has been reawakened. Products made with passion, instead of mass-produced items. Irrespective of whether it involves jewellery, bread or chocolates. There’s even talk of us returning to the crafts economy.

Local heroes

The local stamp has become more popular than ever before in recent years, just like authentic and artisan. We’re now entering a time when we’re travelling more again and are subsequently open to international influences. We are discovering local heroes abroad, which we’re bringing back to our own country. From locally brewed beer to locally woven fabrics or manufactured furniture.


We’re rediscovering the power of the craft. And the great thing is: young people are once again becoming more interested in finding out how a product is made. They are going back to old-fashioned apprenticeships with teachers who can transfer the old crafts to their students. So are we going back in time? No, the old-fashioned crafts are combined with modern techniques and materials, resulting in new products and a new look.

In the mood for traditionally baked bread? Go to BRROOD in the Beethovenstraat. You can visit Huize van Wely for traditionally made chocolates. Do you really fancy spoiling yourself? Then make an appointment with Jesse Jewellery for a tailor-made piece of jewellery. Looking for a nice, handcrafted gift? Go to the temporary store House of Harriet, at Beethovenstraat 18-20.