Health yeah!

Health yeah!

To your good health

Health is one of the most important trends at the moment. Exercise more, but eating and drinking healthier in particular isn’t just a good intention, it’s now also starting to have an ever-increasing impact on our lives.

Pure nature

We want to know exactly what’s on our plates or in our glasses, we want to know where it all comes from and whether it’s completely natural, or if any artificial colours or flavours, sugar or salt have been added. The range of healthy and organic products is constantly growing, both in stores, as well as in bars and restaurants.


Health is now also a very prominent feature on drinks menus. The offering of freshly squeezed juices, sugar-free drinks, alcohol-free beer, alcohol-free cocktails and even alcohol-free wine is steadily growing. The term NOLO, which stands for NO or LOW alcohol, is becoming increasingly more popular. We are drinking more and more consciously. Less alcohol, but if we do opt for alcohol, then we want a special cocktail or a good glass of wine.

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