Hospitality is booming

Hospitality is booming


Fun, new hotspots are opening up in Amsterdam every single week. Not particularly surprising, as the Netherlands has discovered how nice it is to start the day with a cup of coffee outside of the home, or perhaps even a lovely breakfast, an extensive lunch or brunch, an afternoon tea, some fine cocktails or a delicious dinner.

Hospitality = hot

You could say hospitality is hot. We’ve never spent this much time in catering establishments before. We arrange to meet friends there, organise meetings with colleagues, or even spend time there on our own to work on our laptops. Anyone leaving home with a packed lunch will be considered as having gone quite mad. And why on earth would you want to eat those stale sandwiches, when you can enjoy fresh snacks everywhere you go?

Plenty of lovely new businesses also opened their doors in the Beethovenstraat over the last few months, such as Vanderveen Bar & Kitchen and The Colour Kitchen’s Italian Osteria La Lotteria. During the summer you can enjoy a beautiful spot on one of the terraces which bring the Beethoven to full bloom.