Delicious Hair

Delicious Hair

Chocolate with caramel

Who would have thought you would ever feel hungry at a hairdresser’s? Shades of brown with food nuances are completely on trend this year! Deep chocolate with a lovely topping, but then without the calories. That will certainly see you through the summer months.

Marron glacé

‘Go for some melting chocolate with marron glacé or actually no, a little bit of caramel.’ These kinds of tasty colour switches are going to be all the rage this year. We will allow various different delicacies to determine our hair colour. From milk chocolate to dark chocolate, with a hint of honey. Shades of brown with a warm glow are fashionable this summer.

A honey topping

A dark hairstyle may not be something you would associate with summer, but it’s certainly a logical response to the cold silver and ice look. And not just one uniform colour, but preferably a deep brown shade with a number of fine glows. So opt for a delicious cup full of chocolate, with either a honey or caramel topping.

Would you like to find out about this summer’s other hair trends? Make an appointment at LUKX or the Haartheater. Prefer some real chocolate? Come and visit Huize van Wely.