Kamman Fruit Primeurs

Kamman Fruit Primeurs

Beethovenstraat 50, 1077 JK Amsterdam


Fruit speciality store

Kamman Fruit Primeurs is the speciality store in the Beethovenstraat for vegetables, fruit and delicatessen. The business has been a household name in Amsterdam and the surrounding area since 1942. Kamman is the absolute best choice if you’re looking for top quality products and scoops. We won’t just guarantee the quality of our products, as service is also very high on our list of priorities. Attention devoted to, and knowledge of, the many local and international products. We have an extensive range of products available, from ready-made meals, for example our famous mixed salad, apple compote, raspberry sauce and two fantastic dressings. Here you can taste all flavours of our products as they should be. You will be made to feel very welcome in this beautiful, old-style greengrocer’s.

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Zaterdag 08:00 - 17:00
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