Back to nature

Back to nature

Flower trends

There’s only one thing we all want with the spotlight constantly on the climate: surround ourselves with nature. Plants and flowers are literally all around us. On the catwalk, in our glasses and, of course, in our interiors.


We see it on our plates with vegetables, which are deliciously ousting the meat and fish, we see it in our glasses, with botanicals, vegetable juices and flowers in our cocktails, but we particularly see it in our interiors. We simply can’t seem to gather enough plants and fresh flowers around us. Nothing makes us as happy as a green oasis and a blooming sea of flowers.

Block-colour bouquets

We have seen various different trends where flowers are concerned. Soft shapes and soft colours are particularly popular at the moment, often used to put us in a good mood. Pastel shades and coral are important colours. Block-colour bouquets, or rather a bunch with various different flowers in a single colour, is an important trend. Sustainability plays a major role here too. We are now increasingly opting for dried flowers and wild flowers, preferably combined with leaves and grasses. Fake flowers really are a thing of the past, as these don’t feel natural. We prefer to plant cuttings and present these like natural art. In addition to lavish bouquets, we are also seeing more modest floral art, based on the Japanese Ikebana, where everything is about composition, line play, rhythm and colour.


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