What does 2020 bring us?

What does 2020 bring us?

The Year of Balance

The year 2020 has already started. What will this year bring us? We are trying to find a balance in our existence, we organize our houses differently and we get inspired by foreign cultures. We list the most important trends for you.

Conscious consuming

We are becoming increasingly aware of what we wear, what we drink, what we eat. Where does it come from? How was it produced? What does it do to our body and what does it do to our earth. We opt for glass instead of plastic, opt for vintage instead of new. The environment and climate, but also our own health are central this year.

Finding balance

We are busier than ever. A burnout is lurking, but this year we will be happy to discover how we can find more balance in our lives. Turn off that mobile phone, take a nap, cancel all social obligations, go to the hairdresser or have an extensive lunch. In short: pay more attention to yourself. We clean up our house and our mind.

Home hub

Your house is more than a home. Thanks to the new technology, your home is not only a place to relax, but also a fitness room where you can participate in a training class or yoga session. It is also your office, your private cinema, your hammam. We learn to switch between relaxation and effort and we design our home to meet these new requirements. Fixed working hours are disappearing and we are decorating our house more and more professionally.

International inspiration

We travel to distant countries and are inspired by new colors, traditions, tastes and styles. Both in the kitchen and in our interior. We combine different cultures, arts and crafts from various countries. Even if we choose not to travel, we bring the international influences to our house.