Fashion trends Autumn 2019

Fashion trends Autumn 2019

Autumn/Winter 2019

We asked our fashion trend watchers what to wear is this fall and winter. We present the latest Beethovenstraat style tips. From tartan patterns to square sunglasses and from snake leather to neo-bourgeois.

Neon Turtlenecks

Make the cold winter days a bit sunny with a brightly colored turtleneck in combination with a dark outfit. That’s how you stand out!


Gender-fluid clothing is finally having its fashion moment. Go for oversized and loose-fitting clothing, denim, and men’s shirts. Release the rebel in you.


Keep it stylish and simple. By wearing one color, you show that you have class. And this does not necessarily have to be black. This can also be metallic or a nice pastel.

Personalised Hair Pins

Hair clips are there again! Nice sparkling, preferably with your own name on it. Or your favorite designer’s. Create the look of a boss, a feminist or a schoolgirl.

Square Sunglasses

Dare to be square. Put on a pair of square sunglasses and you’re totally hip. This can be overly large or just modest.


We return to chic Paris in the late 70s and early 80s, with elegant and practical clothing. And the broad shoulder is back.

Dresses X Trousers

Pick dresses and shirts with pants in the same color, fabric or design. This has depth to your outfit and ensures a special combination of casual and classy.


Snakeskin is in. From nice and long boots to sexy heels. Unleash the beast and opt for a striking reptile look.

Leer op leer

Wear leather on leather! A leather jacket on a leather skirt or pants is really not seen as fetish, but rather super stylish.

Go tartan

Show your clan propriety. Tartan patterns are extremely important in fashion this year. This can safely be combined with flowers.

Square Sunglasses

Dare to be square. Put on a pair of square sunglasses and you’re totally hot. This can be overly large or modest.