Five trends for the holidays

Five trends for the holidays

Five trends

Come to Beethovenstraat to be inspired for Christmas dinner, a festive outfit or the right wines and delicacies. We present 5 trends for the holidays.

1 Glitter

In your hair, on your clothes, in your make-up, on the table and in the tree. This year everything can glitter. We’re in the mood for a little glitz and glamour after all these rough months, so pull out all the stops.

2 Super sustainable

We prefer to leave the tree in the garden this year, because cutting one down for a few weeks is not really environmentally friendly. Also a plastic tree is really no longer possible. Fortunately, the Christmas feeling is not in the tree, but in yourself. And in good food and drink. Nature is also reflected in Christmas decorations. From bugs to butterflies, from feathers to coral.

3 Colourful Christmas

Red and green for Christmas? Dull! This year we want to see a colorful palette, because we want a few days of cheerfulness. Use brightly colored balls to decorate your home. Pastel, neon or candy colors. If this doesn’t make you happy, we don’t know what will.

4 Happy Miami

We would prefer to flee to a warm place, but why not bring that sunny holiday feeling into our home? Use a lot of pink and green, use a palm instead of a Christmas tree and let tropical motifs come back in your interior and clothing. A white Christmas can also mean dazzling white beaches.

5 Vegetables & non-alcohol

This year we are not (only) putting a nice large piece of meat on the table, but we also take into account the vegans, vegetarians and flexitarians around us. We pay much more attention to beautiful vegetable dishes. We also provide special non-alcoholic drinks for people who do not want to drink or want to drink less. Taking each other into account is the Christmas spirit of 2021.

Deze trends werden verzameld door de trendwatchers van HBMEO.