Turn your house into a hotel

Turn your house into a hotel

Hotel at home

Unfortunately, we cannot go on holiday in this time. Therefore, turn your home a luxury hotel. We present 5 useful tips from a hotel expert.

The most important thing is that you furnish your bedroom and bathroom as zen as possible. Hide all loose items in closets and drawers and limit the number of items to a few beautiful books, art objects and wellness products.


The most important part of a hotel room is of course the bed. With a few simple additions you can turn a bed into a nice hotel bed. Provide a quiet base, such as a white or at least plain bed cover. Place a luxury bed runner or bedspread on the foot end, provide an extra set of pillows and decorative pillows that match the bed runner. For more info, visit  Van Dyck Experience Store.

2. Bathroom

Turn your bathroom into a wellness center by putting down the right items. Store all your creams, nail clippers and other toiletries in a cupboard and display one line of care products. From a luxurious hand soap to a fine body lotion and provide a matching cream perfume or scented candles. For fine care, home and beauty products, visit Rituals.


Nothing beats being snuggled in bed watching Netflix. With a good television and sound system, you can turn your bed into a wonderful cinema. In addition, provide some nice home automation. With a simple push of a button you close the curtains, dim the lights and put the bed in a relaxed TV position. For good advice and the best equipment, go to iEar Ultimate Sound & Vision.


Provide a stack of fluffy white or plain towels and matching washcloths to complete the hotel feel. And provide two identical bathrobes to match your towel set. That way you quickly get into the hotel mood. And don’t forget to put down hotel slippers. For fine bath towels and bathrobes, go to Van Dyck Experience Store.


There is nothing more delicious than eating in bed. A lot of good restaurants nowadays deliver to your home and a number of shops in the Beethovenstraat ensure that you can now enjoy the best food and drinks at home. Tip: make sure you have a nice bed table or a plateau, so that you can eat relaxed and without stains. Finally, get a fresh bunch of flowers for the scent and don’t forget to hang a DON’T DISTURB sign outside so you can retire undisturbed.

These hotel tips were developed in collaboration with hotel expert Vincent van Dijk. He writes about hotel trends. slept in 365 Amsterdam hotels for a year and is the man behind the Hotel Room of the Future project.