Summer fashion trends

Summer fashion trends

What are we wearing this summer?

What to wear these sizzling summer months? We list the most striking fashion trends.

Bright colours

Fantastic bright colours that can also easily be combined. Exuberant and colourful are the key words for this summer. We wear luxurious fabrics and above all many layers.

Hats are back

The hat is again back in fashion and not only on Princes Day. From huge straw hats to a small pillbox hat. No head for hats at all? No need to panic! A beautiful scarf is a good alternative.

Statement shoes

Strappy sandals, see-through shoes, square-toed shoes, platform shoes, bouncy springs or white boots. Our shoes should stand out this summer, if it matches our outfit, of course.

Long, wide skirts

This summer we see many long, wide skirts, some with narrow pin-tucks. The skirts are calf-length or a little longer. They range from a long tutu skirt made of tulle to a pleated maxi skirt.

Power suits

Power suits where the blazers match the skirts. The shoes, bags and accessories are matched to the outfit and with each other right down to the smallest detail. The suit is also a must-have for women this summer. Show them who’s the boss!